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Roman Shades

Elegant and beautiful, Roman shades can help you reimagine any living space.

Enhance Your Home

Your Introduction to Stylish Roman Shades

Kerrville Window Fashions helps local Texans choose, measure, and install a myriad of custom window coverings. We can help you find the best window treatment solutions that satisfy your aesthetic and utility preferences. Of our various options, Roman shades fill a niche for modern fabric and materials with a simplistic design.

Roman shades cover the window with a continuous strip of fabric or material. When you pull the drawstring, the shade folds in on itself and softly rises to the top. This type of shade has existed for thousands of years, but new sewing methods and technology have given it a modernized upgrade.

Turn Your Property Into Something Amazing

How You Can Customize Your Roman Shades

You have many customization options with Roman shades, allowing you to make them fit any space. You can choose how they fold, the fabrics and materials they use, and if you want them corded or cordless.

Fabric Roman shades can fold in four different ways:

  • Soft fold, for a cascading water-like appearance
  • Flat fold, made with one piece of fabric that won’t interrupt stylish patterns
  • Batten front, creating tubes of fabric or material that layer on each other
  • Batten back, putting the layers toward the window or door side

You can raise or lower them with cords, but if you have children or pets, try using cordless Roman shades. With this type, you push or pull the bottom of the covering to move it as you please. Cordless options work great with any material, like woven wood, silk, or bamboo.

Product Features

Increased Privacy

Depending on your preferred fabric, these window shades allow natural light inside the room while blocking prying eyes. You can use them for room darkening as well, a great addition to at-home entertainment spaces! You and the family can watch movies in the middle of the day like you’re in a theater.


Curtains often take up a lot of space and can overwhelm smaller windows. You can use these shades on virtually any window, from wall-sized to hopper windows. Even bamboo Roman shades can fit in the interior casing or against the head jamb.

Energy Efficient

Roman shades insulate the windows, helping keep heat energy indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference for the season. The insulation comes from the liner layer woven into the fabric, giving it an often soft sturdiness. Your HVAC system may not need to work as hard with these shades.

How to Get Top-Quality Roman Shades for Windows

To get the best Roman shades in Texas, contact Kerrville Window Fashions. We only source our materials from reputable and high-quality companies, allowing us to customize your windows to your precise specifications.