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Custom Plantation Shutters in Kerrville, TX

Our custom plantation shutters are designed to perfectly fit the windows of your Kerrville, TX, home. We offer custom solutions that provide light control, privacy, and insulation while complementing your existing interior design.


Texas-Made Quality Plantation Shutters

Kerrville Window Fashions has been a premier source for high-quality, furniture-grade plantation shutters in Texas. We aim to deliver a hassle-free experience by providing excellent products and services at competitive prices. As one of the largest factory-direct sources for plantation shutters in the region, we are committed to delivering professional service, expert installation, and fast delivery.

Our premium wood shutters are crafted using millwork from industry-leading O’Hair Shutters and are customized in our state-of-the-art workroom in Kerrville, Texas. We provide a range of personalized features and options to accommodate different demands and tastes. Our shutters are made to last for decades, offering the fastest business delivery times and an extensive guarantee.

Discover how our furniture-grade plantation shutters can transform your house! Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and discover why we have been the preferred choice of homeowners in Kerrville and surrounding areas in Texas for over four decades.


Tailored Custom Shutters for Specialty-Shaped Windows & Door Solutions

Are you wondering what the perfect window treatment solution is for your specialty-shaped windows and doors? We provide expertly made shutters that complement your home’s aesthetic while fitting perfectly.

Arched window shutters are crafted with their unique shape in mind from the beginning, ensuring they maintain the same structural integrity and design elements found in our standard wood shutters. Our square and arched window shutters feature corners constructed using mortise and tenon joinery for superior strength. Additionally, all louvers pivot on our exclusive milled monolithic louver tenons rather than the drilled holes and plastic pins used by competing products.

But shutters aren’t just for windows—they can also work wonders for your doors! French doors and entry doors look particularly stunning with interior shutters. However, it’s important to ensure that the shutters don’t interfere with the functionality of the door handle. To solve such a problem, we offer custom door handle cut-outs to ensure that your doors can still be used easily while maintaining the privacy and security of the shutters.

Transform your space with window shutters and door solutions – request a consultation today!

Product Features

Plantation shutters made in Texas have several advantages that improve your house’s comfort, appearance, and usability.

Aluminum Plantation Shutter Wood Pergola

Energy Efficiency

Custom interior shutters effectively block out sunlight and heat when the louvers are closed, providing ultraviolet protection by reflecting the sun’s strong rays instead of absorbing them into the home. By creating a thermal barrier, interior shutters maintain a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the year, reducing the risk of 40% energy loss that can occur through windows without proper coverings. During pleasant weather, you can open the windows and adjust the louvers’ tilt to control the natural airflow through the home, further optimizing energy efficiency.

Light Control

Shutters are a great option for controlling the amount of light in your house because their movable louvers give you the most flexibility to suit your needs. Split tilt divides the louvers into separate sections, allowing independent upper and lower louvers to be adjusted for versatile light management. This configuration enables partial closure of the lower section for privacy, while keeping the upper louvers open to maintain natural light. Mid-rails, on the other hand, create a horizontal divider within the shutter, allowing separate tilt adjustments for the upper and lower sections, offering similar light control benefits and customization options for directing light and privacy levels throughout the day.

Child and Pet Safety

Custom shutters are designed with child and pet safety in mind, providing a safer window fashion option for homes with infants, young children, and pets. As children grow and their curiosity about the world increases, basic household items, including window coverings, can become potential hazards. Custom shutters reduce the risks associated with traditional shutters, ensuring a safer environment for your loved ones.

Shutter Options

When selecting the perfect shutters for your home, you have a wide range of options, whether your style is modern or traditional. One of the first decisions you’ll make is the louver size, which can significantly impact your space’s overall look and feel. Our custom plantation shutters are available in three different louver sizes: 3 ¼”, 4 ¼”, and 5 ¼”. Our team will work with you to determine the best option based on your window sizes and décor style.

Finish Options

In addition to louver size, we offer various finish options to create a custom look in your home. We exclusively use Renner paints, a premium-grade commercial paint known for its exceptional quality and durability. Our paint finishes come in various standard colors, but we also provide custom color matching if needed.

Our locally made hardwood Flagship shutters come with a stain-grade option for those who prefer a natural wood look. This allows the beauty of the wood to shine through, and you may choose from a broad selection of popular stain colors or customize the staining to match your wood flooring, cabinets, or furniture.

Our shutters are painted using high-quality, water-based urethane paint. This paint dries faster than oil-based paint and forms a harder, more durable finish that stands up better over time. With our top-quality priming and painting process, you can expect long-lasting durability and a beautiful finish on your custom plantation shutters.