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Vertical Blinds

Experience elegance and versatility with our vertical blinds, seamlessly balancing style and functionality for your space.
Vertical Blinds In Kerrville, TX - Kerrville Window Fashions



Vertical blinds offer a stylish and practical solution for homeowners seeking versatile window treatments. Their sleek design adds a contemporary touch to any space, seamlessly blending with various interior styles. The adjustable slats provide precise control over light and privacy, allowing users to customize their environment according to preference. With a wide range of materials and colors available, vertical blinds offer both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

At Kerrville Window Fashions, we take pride in serving as your ultimate destination for all things vertical blinds in Kerrville, TX. With many years of expertise, we’ve been assisting homeowners and businesses in savoring the enduring allure of vertical blinds without breaking the bank.

Whether you opt to acquire vertical blinds for a DIY installation or entrust our seasoned professionals with the entire process, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Elevate your space

The Advantages of Installing Vertical Blinds

Customizable Privacy and Light Control

One of the best features of vertical blinds is the ability to easily control privacy and light. The vertical slats can be rotated open or closed to allow in natural light when desired, or block it out for privacy. This makes vertical blinds ideal for rooms where you want to modulate the light levels.

Variety of Materials and Textures

You can choose sleek metallic blinds, eco-friendly bamboo slats, faux wood vinyl, fabric, or other materials. The variety of colors and patterns available match any room’s décor.

Tracks also come in different finishes like chrome, brass, or black. With custom sizing options, you can get an ideal look for your windows.

Great Option for Sliding Doors and Large Windows

Vertical blinds are perfect for extra wide openings like sliding patio doors or big picture windows. Since the slats stack neatly to the side, they don’t take up much space even when open. The slim, stacked profile lets them work well for long expanses of glass.

Enhanced Temperature Control

Angling vertical blinds is an easy way to block out hot summer sun while letting in a refreshing breeze. In winter, you can tilt the vanes shut to insulate against heat loss through cold windows. Proper use of vertical blinds makes your HVAC system more efficient.

Low Maintenance

Vertical blinds are also easy to repair or replace individual damaged slats. With no strings or cords, vertical blinds are safer and more durable than many other window treatments. Their simple mechanics lead to a long useful life.

Variety of Vertical Blinds Materials and Finishes

Here are some of the most popular vertical blinds material options:
Vertical Blinds In Kerrville, TX - Kerrville Window Fashions


Vinyl vertical blinds are affordable, easy to clean, and moisture-resistant. They come in matte, wood grain, metallic, and other finishes to suit any décor. Vinyl is a great choice for areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
Vertical Blinds In Kerrville, TX - Kerrville Window Fashions


Fabric vertical blinds add softness, absorb sound, and provide blackout capabilities. Choices like polyester, cotton, linen, and blended materials are available. Fabric blinds complement living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces well.
Vertical Blinds In Kerrville, TX - Kerrville Window Fashions

Faux Wood

For the look of real wood without the moisture concerns, faux wood vertical blinds are ideal. Options like bamboo, cherry, oak, and more have realistic wood grain texture. Faux wood blinds match rustic, traditional, or modern décor.

Vertical Blinds In Kerrville, TX - Kerrville Window Fashions


Sleek aluminum vertical blinds have a modern, industrial style. The metal material is durable and low-maintenance. Aluminum blinds come in various painted colors or metallic finishes to match your interior design.